New York

New York

653 Broadway 

between Bleecker and Bond

New York, NY 10012

+1 212 253 0921 Store
+1 833 775 TASH Customer Service

Monday — Saturday: 11AM - 8PM
Sunday: 12 PM - 7PM

We are now offering full services including piercing, installs, styling consultations, repairs and retail sales.

Please note appointments are required for piercings and due to safety precautions, we will not be piercing nostril, septum or lip or oral piercings and are we are not piercing with pre-worn pieces.

Appointments are available at our New York Location. Walk-ins are always welcome. Sign up for our waitlist to secure your place in line.

The health and well-being of our customers and our teams is our top priority.

We have always worked to ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards, and have adapted and expanded to include new precautions.

  • - All employees — stylists and piercers — will be wearing masks and gloves; all gloves will be changed between clients.
  • - All surfaces will be wiped with anti-viral, anti-bacterial cold disinfectant consistently throughout the day and between customer interactions. Surfaces include counters, vitrines, iPads, piercing rooms, mirrors, and doors.
  • - Once cleaned, surfaces will go through ATP testing to ensure areas are disinfected and safe. Additionally, every evening, the store will go through a deep clean.
  • - All jewelry and styling tools handled during consultations will go through UVC lighting to eradicate bacteria and deactivate any viruses on all jewelry that has been handled during styling.
  • - All customers are required to wear masks and we will provide complimentary and optional gloves and hand sanitizer upon arrival to prevent incoming bacteria.
  • - We have implemented an electronic queuing system and will closely monitor visitors within the store to maintain regulated social distancing rules and ensure the protection of all customers.

Piercing Services

Earlobe $15
Helix $20
Inner Ear Cartilage $30
Nostril $30
Septum $30
Ear Project $35
Navel $30
Nipple $30
Eyebrow $30
Lip $30
Surface $35
Dermal $75
Genital $80
Install $15

Prices are for service only. Jewelry sold separately.

Important Information

Under New York State law, piercings are performed on minors only if a parent or legal guardian is present with proper identification. Both the minor and their parent or legal guardian must show originals of their ID.

Accepted valid forms of ID for establishing identity and relationship between minor and parent/guardian. All ID's must have matching last names:

-Driver's License
-Non-Driver's State ID
-Birth Certificate

In the case of different last names, the following ID's are accepted with Valid ID's noted above:

-Insurance Card (with parent/guardian and minor listed)
-School ID
-Proof of Guardianship

Please do not consume alcohol before your appointment. Piercers reserve the right to deny service to intoxicated clients. You cannot be pierced if you are pregnant or nursing.

We have a set of guidelines for which piercings we will perform on clients of certain ages:

Earlobe piercings: Age 5 and up

​Helix Piercings : 13yrs +

All Other Cartilage Piercings (Tash Rook, Conch, Tragus, Daith, Forward Helix, Anti-Tragus, Snug): 16yrs +​

Nostril and navel piercings: Age 16 and up

Nipple and genital piercings: Age 18 and up