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Claire Foy

From theater to television to film, from period drama to action, from Emmy to Golden Globe, Claire Foy shows her range as an innovative actress. She also wears innovative jewelry beautifully - here she is featured in Vogue in our 6.5mm Triple Cuff Eternity.
Three of our popular eternity rings wrap elegantly around the lobe. The first 6.5mm ring is worn in the first piercings, and the other two ring are cuffs. As piercers we know how rings should lay optimally and naturally on the ear. So we designed the second and third rings, the cuffs, to have a space and angle to simulate natural, extra earlobe piercings. The different diameters create a tapered look up the lobe. Works well in a first hole to simulate a second and third, or more commonly in a second hole to simulate a third an fourth piercing. Item sold singly.
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