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  1. Ruby Coronet Yellow Gold 6.5mm
  2. Ruby Coronet Yellow Gold 8mm
  3. Ruby Coronet White Gold 8mm
  4. Ruby Coronet White Gold 6.5mm
  5. Ruby Coronet
    As low as $1,975 +
    Sizes Available
  6. Pavé Diamond Ruby Coronet with Diamond Briolette Hoop Earring
    As low as $5,500
  7. Ruby Coronet with Black Diamond Briolette
    As low as $3,750
  8. 8mm Cobra Clicker with Opal Head and Ruby Eyes
    As low as $445 +
    Sizes Available
  9. Large Engraved Snake with Ruby Eyes Stud Earring
    As low as $310 +
    Sizes Available
  10. Ruby Eyes Diamond Hood Cobra Talon Traditional Earstud
    As low as $350
  11. Snake with Ruby Eyes Earstud
    As low as $240 +
    Sizes Available
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