4.5mm Light Pink Diamond Flower Threaded Stud

Diamond flower ear cartilage jewelry, with light pink diamond petals highlighted by 18k gold and a clear diamond center that punctuates the design.The pink diamonds provide a flash and sparkle not present in other pink, non-diamond stones. Diamonds are diffused to create pink color.
Includes a 14k gold ball flower threaded backing (as shown) in a matching color
6.5mm (1/4") fits an average helix or upper cartilage, and is the post length we use most commonly use.
5mm (3/16") fits a thin helix or upper cartilage. This length also works in the middle cartilage area: the area in between the lobe and cartilage which is thin. If a traditional ear stud sticks out from its backing in your lobe then your cartilage is thin and 5mm is your size.

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