3mm Invisible Set Pink Diamond Threaded Stud

Our brilliant rose-purple enhanced diamond is specially notched and set so there are no prongs or cups over the top of the stone. The effect is that the diamond floats and sparkles on its own, invisibly secured. Because the setting is below the girdle of the diamond, the stone has our lowest profile yet and lies extremely flat against the skin. This size offers a medium amount of sparkle. The 18k rose gold setting compliments the color of the diamond.
Includes a comfortable and attractive ball flower threaded backing (as shown) in 14k rose gold.

5mm (3/16") fits a thin helix or upper cartilage, the ear head or forward helix, and an average ear lobe. If a traditional ear stud sticks out from its backing in your lobe or helix, you should wear a 5mm post.
6.5mm (1/4") fits an average helix or upper cartilage, the tragus, the Tash rook or faux rook, the conch, and a thicker ear lobe.

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