7mm Diamond Flower Threaded Stud

Diamond flower ear jewelry set in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold. The elegant flower shape gives interest and form to this beautiful diamond piece. This size is our largest, most visually striking size of flower, for those who want something that truly stands out. VS/G quality diamonds give a color flash, due to their high light performance. White gold enhances the white color of the clear diamonds and makes the piece appear slightly larger than the yellow or rose gold base, which tends to blend more in most complexions. All colors of gold are nickel free and hypoallergenic.
Diamonds are special hearts and arrow ideal cut diamonds, chosen for maximum scintillation and light performance.

6.5mm (1/4") fits an average helix or upper cartilage, and is the post length we use most commonly use.
5mm (3/16") fits a thin helix or upper cartilage. This length also works in the middle cartilage area: the area in between the lobe and cartilage which is thin. If a traditional ear stud sticks out from its backing in your lobe then your cartilage is thin and 5mm is your size.

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