5.5mm Black Diamond Flower Threaded Stud

Diamond flower ear cartilage jewelry, with black diamond petals highlit by 18k gold and a clear diamond center that punctuates the design. This elegant flower shape gives interest and form to a beautiful diamond piece. This size is our standard, popular size of flower.The black diamonds provide a flash and sparkle not present in other black, non-diamond stones.

Includes a 14k gold ball flower threaded backing (as shown) in a matching color.
5mm (3/16") fits a thin helix or upper cartilage, the ear head or forward helix, and an average ear lobe. If a traditional ear stud sticks out from its backing in your lobe or helix, you wear a 5mm post.
6.5mm (1/4") fits an average helix or upper cartilage, the tragus, the tash rook or faux rook, the conch, and a thicker ear lobe.

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