6.5mm Pearl Eternity Clicker

This elegant ring set in 14k gold has thirteen 1.5mm pearls around the outside surface of the ring. When facing forward and fitting snugly, as in an earlobe or upper ear cartilage, you see turquoise all around the outside surface of the ring. This stone placement creates a 360 degree gemstone effect. If you wear your hair up, an observer will see pearls below and from behind your head, and the small stones create a micro-pave look, like our best-selling finger rings. The inside diameter of this ring is 6.5mm, which works well as a small diameter, fitting many slimmer ear placements.
If not sure about size, email a photo of your ear to our stylists at cs@venusbymariatash.com for a free fitting consultation.
All colors of gold are nickel free and hypoallergenic. White gold is specially alloyed with palladium to maximize the hypoallergenic properties of that color.

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