Maria Tash x Le Bon
Marché Pop-up

Shop the fine Jewellery collections and experience Luxury Piercing and custom styling.

Renowned for her innovation in piercing, Tash has
developed a technique through which each client’s
personal style, complexion, and anatomy guide the
curation of Jewellery combined to best flatter the
wearer. The brand’s unique approach to piercing and
styling makes it one of the most coveted
brands today. Shop the fine Jewellery collections and
experience Luxury Piercing and custom styling.

31st August - 20th October

Monday - Wednesday: 10:00 - 20:00
Thursday: 10:00 - 20:45
Friday-Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 19:45

Le Bon Marché
24, Rue de Sèvres, 75007, Paris

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Appointments are recommended for piercings but are not necessary for Jewellery installations. Walk-ins welcome, based on availability.

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Price List

Earlobe ... Jewellery starts at €120 €30
Helix ... Jewellery starts at €120 €35
Forward Helix ... Jewellery starts at €120 €45
Tash Rook ... Jewellery starts at €120 €45
Rook ... Jewellery starts at €120 €45
Tragus ... Jewellery starts at €120 €45
Antitragus ... Jewellery starts at €295 €45
Contraconch ... Jewellery starts at €120 €45
Conch ... Jewellery starts at €120 €45
Daith ... Jewellery starts at €125 €45
Nostril ... Jewellery starts at €120 €45
Septum ... Jewellery starts at €95 €45
Nipple ... Jewellery starts at €295 €45
Navel ... Jewellery starts at €270 €45
Dermal ... Jewellery starts at €55 €80
Eyebrow ... Jewellery starts at €125 €45

maria tash

For over two decades, Maria Tash has been revolutionizing the fine Jewellery and piercing industries by creating innovative designs under her NYC based eponymous label. With a unique perspective that lives at the intersection of beauty, fashion and Jewellery, Tash has carved a unique position as a founder and designer. She has developed a technique through which each client's personal style and anatomy guide a curated combination of studs and rings, combined to best flatter the wearer. Art meets science with Tash’s approach to both design and piercing and is driven by her overriding desire to deliver not only a look but a feeling of beauty to her audience.

A native New Yorker, Tash studied Astronomy at Columbia University before moving to study abroad in London. It was there that her love of fine Jewellery, which was instilled in her at a young age by her mother, was fused with her passion for piercings. Tash began her career creating custom navel Jewellery, and opened her first studio, Venus Modern Body Art, in 1993 in the East Village of New York.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend up to 4 per session, but this is dependent on the piercings you are thinking about and your anatomy. Our stylists and piercers can best consult with you during your visit.