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Holiday 2022

The Season To Shine

Something for everyone on your list — including yourself. 

On Rotation

Heavy Metal

Rock a mix of solid gold styles.

Style Spotlight

In Full Bloom 

An iconic stud composed of three luminous diamonds joined by a single diamond solitaire.

Universal Options

The Gift of Choice

Delivered right to their inbox and always on time.

In the Details

360 Degree Beauty

Not only functional, our backings are works of art. 

"I love many pieces of my jewelry for different reasons. Some are rare, some are so sentimental, and others so beautiful and practical. From my current collection, I love the Diamond Threaded Charms as they are a hybrid of a charm and a stud and when nestled inside the underutilized anatomy of the Tash Hidden Rook℠ or Tash Helix℠ piercings, they create a look that has never been seen before." 


Where to Find Us

Drop a Spike

Our original East Village shop in New York City gained a devoted following in the early ‘90s. Decades later, we are 11 stores strong and growing. We continue to deliver a luxury experience with fine jewelry designs, an individualized approach to styling and innovative, precise piercing placements.