Size Guide

Wearing Guide

Size Guide

Because everyone’s anatomy differs, we offer a wide range of post lengths and ring diameters to ensure you have the best, most comfortable fit for your piercings.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Post Length: From the back of the frontal to the end of the post, this represents the length of an earring. MARIA TASH threaded studs typically come in 6.5mm lengths, but we carry many sizes to suit different piercings and personal anatomy, including 5mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, and 11mm.

Hoop Size: The diameter determines its size, which is measured across the inner part of the ring. Although the most common diameters for MARIA TASH jewelry are 6.5mm and 8mm, many of our hoops come in 5mm, 9.5mm, 11mm, and larger.

Hoop Sizing

From snug at 5mm to spacious at 15.5mm, our ring diameters are designed for all-day wear. A patented clicking mechanism ensures your piece stays secure.  

We offer a set of titanium hoops in all of our sizes so you can try on the range of diameters and choose the perfect fit for the look you want. 

Post Sizes

Traditional studs are the most common type of earring. Simply slide the butterfly backing on the post. We recommend these for Lobe piercings since they're both secure and easy to insert and remove.

We recommend threaded studs for 24/7 comfort in cartilage piercings. They screw securely into place and have smooth backs that lay flush against the ear and don’t poke out or get caught on hair and clothing. We offer six different post sizes so every client can find their perfect fit.

High or Stacked Lobe: 6.5mm
Helix: 6.5mm
Conch: 6.5mm
Tash Rook: 5mm
Tragus: 6.5mm
Forward Helix: 5mm
Nostril: 6.5mm
Earlobe, piercing 1 and 2: 6.5mm
Earlobe, piercing 3 and up: 5mm

Size Guide

Gauge Size

Gauge refers to the thickness of the hoop, and indicates how large a piercing must be to hold the jewelry properly. It’s important to note that the higher the gauge, the thinner the wearable surface.

18 Gauge: Our most common and thinnest plain hoop can be positioned throughout the ear. If you come get pierced with us, the piercer will likely select this gauge.
16 Gauge: Our second most common thickness is typically recommended if you select a hoop diameter of 11mm or higher to stabilize the shape of the larger ring.
14 Gauge: This is the thickest width we offer and is used for body piercings, like the Navel.


The post you are pierced with is always slightly longer to accommodate for swelling that may occur within the first month. After four to six weeks, once the swelling has subsided and healing is underway, we swap out your post for a shorter one to prevent jewelry from getting snagged or migrating away from its original angle.

Your downsize is always a complimentary service when performed with MARIA TASH because we are passionate about giving you the perfect fit. Can't make it back to a store? Contact our Customer Care team here to request a shorter post.


To Open: Hold the hoop on either side of the closure. Gently pull the wearable surface out of the closure without twisting, and the hoop will open. Continue to open the remaining cuffs with the same movement until all rings are open.

To Wear: Insert the wearable curved post on the first ring into the front of hole one, two, or three in the Lobe, and close the ring by gently pushing sections together until it clicks closed. Then gently snap close the remaining cuffs until they fit snugly against the ear. Subtly adjust rings to point down for pierced realism.

To Remove: Open the cuffs by gently separating the two sections of the hinge. For the piercing, use one hand to hold the front of the hoop and use the index finger of the opposite hand to identify the space between the wearable surface and hoop and gently pull apart.