The Curated Ear®

The Curated Ear

The Curated Ear®

MARIA TASH is synonymous with curation and self-expression. We popularized the concept of the Curated Ear® by introducing clients to delicate, elaborate, and versatile jewelry designed to be mixed and matched based on personal style and ear anatomy.

What is a Curated Ear®?

A Curated Ear® is the combination of multiple pieces of jewelry styled in different piercings throughout the ear for a unique look. We think of curating an ear like choosing the perfect outfit; every component works together for a combination that is all the wearer’s own. Maria has spent over 20 years designing jewelry that complements the shape of the ear, and our earrings can be fitted to your piercings for continuous wear and comfort. 

Starting Your Curation

There are two ways to begin your Curated Ear® journey. Let a piercing placement be your guide, or fall in love with a specific piece of jewelry and create from there. If you arrive with a piercing in mind, our stylists will work with you to select jewelry that will fit your new placement. If you discover an earring that you cannot live without, consider the best place for it to live based on the shape of your ear, and how it relates to your existing styles. A Curated Ear® should reflect your aesthetic, so keep this in mind while taking the first step.

"The perfect Curated Ear® is not tied to any one person; it’s as varied and unique as our clients."

- Maria Tash

Styling and Balance

Great curation is imaginative and memorable, and there are several ways to achieve it. We suggest balancing three forces: skin tone, personal aesthetic, and the weight and style of the pieces that are placed next to each other. Choose metals that look best with your complexion. Try holding white, yellow, and rose gold up to your face to help you decide what resonates best. When it comes to styling, be intentional about composition. You can play with symmetry, patterns, or themes. The choices are endless. Then, balance your anatomy with the shape and size of the jewelry, considering the way different designs can emphasize or obscure parts of your ear. Be true to your style, trust your instincts, and have fun as you go.

The Evolution of Your Curated Ear®

As you plan your Curated Ear®, we recommend making an appointment with a MARIA TASH stylist to help you understand your anatomy and what pieces might fit best. One thing to keep in mind is that curating your ear is a process; it happens in multiple sessions over time. We will perform up to four piercings in one sitting so that each heals properly. Getting too many piercings at once can slow down the healing process, and affect angles and styling. Take your time with your piercings for a more satisfying end result.

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