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Product Name Associated Patents
Diamond Lotus in Orbit USD891973, EC007462866-0001, EC007462866-0002, GB90074628660001, GB90074628660002, GB6080062, GB6080063
Invisible Set Diamond Apsara Bar Earring EC008133912-0001, EC008133912-0002, GB90081339120001, GB90081339120002, GB6098509, GB6098510, CN306559787, CN306660860, IN332175-001, IN332174-001
Round Invisible Stone EC008133912-0001, EC008133912-0002, GB90081339120001, GB90081339120002, GB6098509, GB6098510, CN306559787, CN306660860, IN332175-001, IN332174-001
Invisible Set Diamond Crescendo Bar Earring EC008146930-0001, EC008146930-0002, EC008146930-0003, EC008146930-0004, GB90081469300001, GB90081469300002, GB90081469300003, GB90081469300004, GB6099052, GB6099053, GB6099054, GB6099055, CN306660861, CN306838730, IN332389-001, AE6099052 to AE6099055
Invisible Diamond Antitragus Jacket Climber USD890015, CN306167612, RU123565, AE6988
Invisible-Set and Marquise Diamond Eternity Linked Rings USD902771, USD934725, USD948374, USD947708
Invisible Set Diamond Triangle Earring EC008147102-0001, EC008147102-0002, EC008147102-0003, GB90081471020001, GB90081471020002, GB90081471020003, GB6099110, GB6099111, GB6099112, CN306669777, CN306838731, IN332390-001
Floating Diamond Tassel Earring USD878959, AE6989, CN306148494, CN306411297, EC007462866-0004, GB90074628660004, GB6080065
Diamond Lotus Three Chain Wrap Earring USD902773, USD931135
Invisible Diamond Lotus Open Garland Ear Climber USD878958, USD911209, CN306160820, EC007462866-0003, RU121749, GB90074628660003, GB6080064, RU125089, AE6987
Diamond In-Set Lotus Coronet Hoop Earring USD878236, AE6990
Diamond Lotus Dangle Chain Wrap Earring USD902772, USD929252
Piercing Technique US10905206, USD945919, TWI767441
Petite Floating Double Diamond Charm USD889309
Single Drape Earring USD954591, AE7279-AE7280, AE7282, AE7284 to AE7285, AE7323 to AE7328, CN306559799, EC008147540-0001 to EC008147540-0011, GB90081475400001 to GB90081475400011, GB6099057 to GB6099067, IN332393-001, IN332394-001, IN332396-001 to IN332398-001, KW1668
Tash Handcuff Jump Ring EC008122881-0001, GB90081228810001, GB6098306
Tassel Bar Earring CN306628042, CN307210602, EC008135941-0001 through EC008135941-0006, GB90081359410001 through GB90081359410006; GB6098715 through GB6098720, IN332275-001, IN332276-001, IN332279-001
Linked Invisible Set Eternity Rings Earring USD890014
Engraved Silhouette Diamond Earring CN306816808, EC008450563-0001, EC008450563-0002, GB6122695 to GB6122696
Piercing Charms CN306768045, CN306927621, CN306927621, EC008446934-0001 through EC008446934-0006, GB6121869 through GB6121874, IN339993-001 through IN339995-001, IN339997-001, IN339998-001, SA9491 to SA9493, SC9463, SA9461, SA9463, SA9464, KW1819, KW2098, KW2032, KW2033, KW2036, KW2037
Padlock Clicker Jumpring CN306727993, EC008531297-0001, GB6109726, KW1914, SA9378
Eternity Bar Charm Earring EC008647861-0001 - EC008647861-0022
Double Sided Pave Eternity Bar Charm EC008645139-0001 to EC008645139-0031, GB6154316 to GB615332, AE7627
Rotatable Earrings USD11185137
Earring with Nested Post and Guider Pin TWI753687
Invisible Set Star Earring USD948372, EA000031, EC008800551-0001
Padlock Lobster Clasp USD951129, AE7857, CN306727993, EC008531297-0001, GB6109726, KW1914, SA9378
Ear-to-Ear Earrings US11291277
Lightning Bolt Charm EA008923650-0001 to EA008923650-0009, EC008923650-0001 to EC008923650-0009, GB6199268 to GB6199276
Lotus Eternity Hoop Earring EC008920458-0001 to EC008920458-0009, GB6198715 to GB6198723
Post with Microset Diamond EA000032, EC008801773-0001 to EC008801773-0005, GB6181604 to GB6181608
Rosette Butterfly Backing EC008732176-0001 to EC008732176-0017, GB6171301 to GB6172317