Holiday 2023

Unwrap Luxury

Holiday 2023

Unwrap Luxury

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You’re Invited

Kick off the season with dramatic designs that feature expansive rows of diamonds, dangling stones, and cascading chains.

Piercing Focus

The TASH Lobe

A unique placement that utilizes the Lobe’s full potential. Here a solitaire pearl stud nestled between the furthest point of the lower ear and the side of the face sets off an elegant sequence of iridescent gem and diamond eternities.

Online Exclusives

New Ruby Styles

These signature designs showcase rare natural crimson stones radiating from engraved gold hoops. Available in traditional and white or black diamond briolette styles. Now on preorder exclusively online.

"I love many pieces of my jewelry for different reasons. Some are rare, some are so sentimental, and others so beautiful and practical. From my current collection, I love the Diamond Threaded Charms as they are a hybrid of a charm and a stud and when nestled inside the underutilized anatomy of the Tash Hidden Rook℠ or Tash Helix℠ piercings, they create a look that has never been seen before."